Curricula and Philosophy

Each course of study is individually created with thought to a student’s unique learning profile, interests and pace. Sessions are infused with the development of organization, study, and thinking skills that boost confidence and inspire continued learning.

I offer specific programs for reading, writing, handwriting, and organization. Often, I incorporate several programs and a student’s schoolwork expectations to develop lessons. Some programs I draw from:

Guiding Principles

Some considerations that inform how I develop and deliver "just right" lessons:

  • A student’s strengths are the springboard for work on troublesome areas. I use strengths as a strategy to compensate for challenges.
  • Retention of learning is highest in a relaxed, lighthearted setting. Games are frequently part of sessions.
  • Self-esteem, self-awareness, and confidence in one’s skills influence performance. Lessons include activities to enhance each of these areas.
  • Parent, teacher and student input is essential. There is continued dialogue about what is working (and what isn’t). I value that each student and family has a different rhythm.
  • Student mistakes are noted but not dwelled upon. They give me insights as to what areas still need work.
  • Success is measured by whether a student can apply newly developed skills independently in different environments. Applying our work to schoolwork will encourage transfer of skill development.

Session Format

I offer sessions at my Wallingford learning space. During the school day, I can also travel to the student's school.

I meet students once or twice per week (with parent involvement in sessions) or three or more times per week (with parent participation optional). In the once- or twice-a-week format, there is an expectation of practice between sessions.

Length of Study

The duration of our work together depends on a variety of factors such as:

  • Age and skill level of the student
  • Previous interventions
  • Consistency of practice betweeen sessions
  • Particular skill(s) being developed

Some students meet with me for bursts of interventions to brush up and enhance particular skills. Other families include my services as part of their long-term educational planning. My coaching changes as the student's school demands increase.

After few sessions, parents will be given an estimate about the suggested duration and intensity of our work. I collaborate with teachers and parents regarding where we are seeing growth and where we need to continue to address challenges. We adjust the plan as the student's needs evolve.